Dedicated vCPU VPS Prices

PlanGeekbench 6 ScorevCoresMemoryStorage10Gbps PortDataPrice
Dedicated AMD EPYC 2C
1734 Single Core
3213 Multi Core
4 GB150 GB NVMe32 TB


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Dedicated AMD EPYC 4C
1783 Single Core
5774 Multi Core
48 GB250 GB NVMe32 TB


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Dedicated AMD EPYC 6C
1781 Single Core
7646 Multi Core
616 GB500 GB NVMe32 TB


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Dedicated AMD EPYC 8C
1776 Single Core
9228 Multi Core
832 GB1 TB NVMe32 TB


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Dedicated AMD EPYC 10C
1778 Single Core
10585 Multi Core
1064 GB2 TB NVMe32 TB


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Dedicated AMD EPYC 12C
1777 Single Core
11538 Multi Core
12128 GB3 TB NVMe32 TB


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What’s included with VPS?

VPS provide the flexibility that many companies have been looking for, and they’re able to do so at a great price.

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AMD EPYC Powered

We choose Enterprise grade AMD EPYC processors, because of the high amount of cores and fast base clock rates.  This makes it a perfect fit for your Dedicated VPS enterprise needs.

local data storage icon

Gen4 NVMe Storage

All compute resources have local Gen4 PCI NVMe storage.  Local node storage provides the fast raw disk read/write speeds. A single NVMe can deliver up to 3.5 GB/s in contrast SSDs can only deliver 600MB/s per drive.

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Raid 10 Protected Nodes

Your data is protected by raid-10 on each node. Raid-10 provides the best speed and protection.

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Choice of Operating System

Windows Server 2022, AlmaLinux, Debian, Ubuntu and more!

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Choosing a virtual server provides unparalleled scalability. Companies can choose to increase their VPS plan specs when they need to, so growth is not held back by server capacity.

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Virtual servers are fully flexible. This suits the vast majority of businesses whose requirements are rarely the same day after day.

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Free Always-On DDoS Protection

Powered by 100Gbps Corero’s Smartwall we offer DDoS in real-time mitigation to server clients we host!  The Smartwall sits at the edge of our network this provides the lowest latency and instant protection. How does DDoS Protection Work?

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Free Technical Support

We love helping our clients. We provide free basic support for all servers we host. Our technicians have 20+ years of troubleshooting experience.  While we hope that you don’t have to use it, our staff is available if you need us.


You can choose from a wide range of popular Linux distributions: AlmaLinux, CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu.

We also offer Windows Server 2022 and 2019. Note, a Windows license fee is required.  You can provide your own key or rent a license from us.

Our network offers the lowest latency multi-homed backbones to Lumen and Cogent. We include Free DDoS Protection with up to 100Gbps powered by Corero.  Our high bandwidth network will provide you with the fastest network connection at all times.

All Cloud VPS plans include:
10Gbps Internet Ports, the monthly data limit is listed on the plan specs.

Yes, we recommend you always purchase backups to protect your data when its production and mission critical. Backup Storage options are available at the checkout process.

Yes, with our easy to use panel you can reinstall any time.

Yes, you can upgrade to any higher plan any time to give you more resources.

We also recommend you check out Virtual Dedicated Servers or Dedicated Servers if you want more resources and customization.

NVMe is the latest storage technology, it’s all the fastest.  NVMe drives can usually deliver a sustained read-write speed of 3.5 GB/s in contrast with SATA SSDs that limit at 600 MB/s.  If you want the fastest pick NVMe, if you need more storage space SSD maybe your better option.

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