DDoS Protected Server Colocation Services

Server Colocation Rackspace

We provide businesses with server colocation space at the per server level without the requirement to buy a half or full rack. We have been helping businesses like this for over 15 years. Our server colocation network facility is located just north of Houston, TX in Spring, TX inside the TRG Datacenter.

Pros to Server Colocation:

Server Colocation Pricing

Server Colocation is the ultimate way to fully design your own network and rack your custom  hardware in the Oplink.net Datacenter.  With Server Colocation you will have direct control of the installation, maintenance and customization your organization needs.

1U Server

$79per month

2U Server

$139per month

3-5U Server

$199 per month

Server Colocation without the hassle

No contracts. All single server colocation is month to month. When you colocate a  server with Oplink we remove the hassle. We provide all ethernet cables, power cables, and rackmounts. You just bring or ship your gear to the datacenter and we rack it for you.

High Bandwidth Options

With a 1Gbps Unmetered port standard and 10Gbps Unmetered port optional we can provide the high bandwidth you need.  We are multi-homed  to Lumen with 100 Gbps and use Cogent for a backup. See our Bandwidth Data Policy

Always On DDoS Protection

Always on protection is fully automated for all customers adding another layer to protect your servers.   In May 2020, we deployed Corero’s Smartwall DDoS real-time mitigation at the edge of our network. Everything is 100 Gbps which is key to making the system work without bottlenecks, most other providers use 10 Gbps filters. With the equipment directly inside our datacenter this provides the lowest latency and instant protection. Learn more about how our DDoS Protection Works

Free Support

We love helping our clients. We provide free basic support for all servers we host. We can install/upgrade memory, and storage.  Our technicians have 20+ years of troubleshooting experience.  While we hope that you don’t have to use it, our staff is available day or night.

Get DDoS Protected Houston Colocation with a dedicated team.

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What is Colocation Server Hosting?

Rather than spending resources to house equipment in on-premises hot server rooms, Oplink.net server colocation hosting involves keeping your business’ hardware in a purpose-built secure and climate controlled data center.

Colocation provides an efficient solution for enterprises needing access to high-quality support staff, cooling systems, racks, power and bandwidth – without the price-tag and headaches associated with running an on-premises facility. There’s also zero hassle involved with the setup. With our colocation plans, you ship us the gear and we’ll take care of all the cabling and rack it up for you.

We take a lot of pride in our racks and cable management.  We use a system called patchbox to keep things clean and easy to manage.  We also custom power cords.

Server Colocation FAQs

Yes, we operate with a 100% uptime guarantee for all server colocation customers. All colo servers in a Texas facility offering N+1 electrical design with dual redundant UPS and battery backups. Dual backup power generators are situated inside the building and protected from weather. This all ensures the risk of downtime is completely minimized.

We have one of the lowest latency multi-homed Internet Backbones to Lumen and Cogent with 100Gbps Corero DDoS Protection.  Our high bandwidth network will provide you with the fastest network connection at all times without data limits under normal usage.  This allows bursting to high speeds when you need to transfer large files or backups without worry about data limits or caps per month.

For customers who need sustained heavy traffic we offer Dedicated Bandwidth options.

All Colocation and Dedicated Servers include a 1Gbps Unmetered Burst port – For normal traffic
Optional Upgrades:
1Gbps Unmetered Dedicated +$99/month – For sustained heavy traffic
10Gbps Unmetered Burst +$399/month – For normal traffic
10Gbps Unmetered Dedicated +$999/month – For sustained heavy traffic

All Virtual Servers include a 10Gbps Unmetered Burst port – For normal traffic

Our colocation facility is indeed carrier neutral. The data center isn’t owned or managed by a specific ISP – we find this affords our customers a greater degree of control and flexibility.

We do offer Reverse DNS when you colo a server. In fact, all colocation, dedicated server and virtual server customers are provided reverse dns support.

We’ve now moved into TRG Datacenters located in Spring, TX and customers are welcome to visit and book a tour of the facility.

Yes, many of our out of state clients ship us hardware. Our team will handle the install and rack and stack your server at no cost.

Speedtest: https://www.oplink.net/speedtest

Raw Speedtest File: https://www.oplink.net/speedtest/raw/1000mb.zip

Test IP: or

We offer a custom backup solution that runs a small app on Windows Server or Linux and can transmit your data over a secure encrypted connection to one of our backup storage devices. Backup storage starts at $20/month and includes 1TB of space. Additional storage can be purchased at $10/per TB.

Yes, we provide a /64 with all colocation or dedicated servers upon request from the client.