What is a Dedicated Server (And Why You Need One)

dedicated server racks for colocation and cloud vps
dedicated server racks for colocation and cloud vps

Written By: Oplink.net | Last Updated: July 2022

In layman’s terms, a dedicated server is your website’s own server that is exclusive to your business. 

There are various options, each with their own pros and cons so ensure you’re making the right investment for your business. 

Dedicated Server Meaning

A dedicated server is a remote server that is specifically calibrated for an individual, business or application. It is deployed, hosted and maintained by a service provider and is exclusive to the user.

Dedicated servers act as in-house servers but they are owned, operated and managed by a backend provider. The user can connect remotely with their server to execute server based services.

Dedicated Server vs Shared Server

We already know that a dedicated server is private to your business. A single server committed to one user.

A shared server has multiple users hosted on a single server, this is particularly beneficial if users wish to build an online presence but need some support. A shared server means that whilst you have access to cPanel, everything is taken care of for you as you have limited administrative authority.

On the other hand, a dedicated server is better for individuals who have technical knowledge and can make server modifications should you need to. There are management options but this level of dedication is better for those who have the infrastructure to self manage to an extent.

How a Dedicated Server Works

Essentially, a dedicated server is similar to a desktop computer with each server inclusive of processors, memory, storage, network hardware and component connections.

The components are enterprise grade which are far more reliable, have increased power and are less likely to fail.

ECC RAM for example, has specific hardware to prevent common triggers for data corruption, this enterprise level component is capable of detecting errors and correcting them. Dedicated servers can house much more memory than your home or business PC with some being equipped with more than 500 gigabytes. 

The processors on dedicated servers have insane levels of power which makes scalability much more achievable. This is particularly true when some servers have more than 40 processor cores, compared to an average of 4 cores for basic computing.

Rack mounted dedicated servers are engineered to move data around as efficiently as plausible. As far as performance and reliability is concerned, dedicated servers are the way to go. 

The Benefits of Dedicated Servers

There are a multitude of benefits for utilizing dedicated servers from heightened performance to total flexibility.

A dedicated server gives you the ability to have total security as you don’t need to share with additional users. This also guarantees reliable service thanks for guaranteed uptimes and 24/7 support. 

Having a dedicated server means that you can tailor your server to your needs. You can alter RAM, disk space, CPU and even software to ensure that your server is entirely molded to supply your exact needs. This can be done without compromising on budget as there are no additional overheads.

Dedicated server hosting allows you to recoup resources because the management of your server can be passed to the third party who supplies the server. This takes pressure off your team and gives them the space to focus on their priorities without worrying about potential threats to your server. Your server will also have a unique IP address which enables enhanced cyber security. 

Protected control is given with a dedicated server. You can opt for which site management you’d like and which application you want to deploy. Oplink manages your actions and changes the server as required so you have full control at all times.

Finally, it’s important to note that a dedicated server is highly cost effective. You don’t have piles of overhead costs and don’t need to keep injecting cash to evolve your server alongside your changing business needs. Maintenance of a dedicated server is also carried out by Oplink.

What You Can Do With a Dedicated Server

There are so many things you can do with a dedicated server. You can host your website on a dedicated server for improved flexibility, security and scalability. 

You could also utilize a dedicated server for backing up all your business data or as a personal cloud space. 

Alternatively, you can set up a dedicated firewall, email server or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), run company analytics or manage smart devices. 

Perhaps you require a secure space for project management, donating your unused computer power or hosting game servers.

If the advantages of a dedicated server will support your mission then you can use this exclusive option.

Are Dedicated Servers More Secure?

As a rule dedicated servers provide complete control and tighter security measures. Shared hosting is more affordable but it doesn’t come with the level of security you get from a dedicated server. 

Dedicated servers can be entirely personalized which means that the security settings can be changed to suit your needs and you have the power to increase it where required.

Other ways to keep your security at its finest is with regular updates to ensure that as technology advances. Your dedicated server has the correct level of protection at all times. Checks and scans will guarantee that any possible vulnerabilities are picked up on and rectified. 

The Cost of Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server is more expensive than a shared server because you get complete control, enhanced security and better flexibility.

For a shared server you would expect to pay around $5 per month. You often get a free domain, emails, SSL and eCommerce functionality for this. 

As for a dedicated server you would pay between $50 and $200 per month but if data are critical for your business to continue then it is definitely worth the additional investment.

A dedicated server monthly fee should include bandwidth and RAM to cope with high traffic, hardware and security, managed options and guaranteed uptime.

Choose a Dedicated Server For Better Security

We know that a dedicated server costs more but the guarantees of uptime and security should make this an easy decision. 

When you plan to scale in a safe and efficient way, there is no alternative when it comes to choosing a server to support your growing business. 

If you want to learn more about how Oplink.net can personalize your dedicated server for your unique business needs, get in touch or see our dedicated server plans.

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